Ny Protoform Turismo 190mm TC Body.

Så kan det de snart ikke komme længere væk fra en touringcar 1/10, eller kan de.

Dette skriver Protoform om deres nye 1/10 touringczr body.

Electric touring car racing has undergone yet another evolution since the multi-national championship-winning #Type_S was released in 2017. Catering to the demands of racers needing ultra high-downforce, super low-CG aerodynamic bodyshells, PROTOform is proud to release its latest contender for 190mm touring car racing: the Turismo.

Designed and produced using the latest in 3D CAD and 5-axis milling technology, Turismo is packed with new features for outstanding performance on track and ease-of-mounting while preparing to dominate the competition. 

Let’s start with some of the new aerodynamic features:

  • Radical high-downforce design with lowered nose and trunk sections
  • Cab-forward layout with extended A-pillar ribs for precise turn-in steering
  • Extended decklid length with spoiler lip for massive rear grip
  • Rear wing posts moved outwards for increased stiffness and anti-tuck protection
  • Rear decklid stiffening ribs tied directly into the wing posts to reduce rear body flex
  • Sculpted side door panels for increased stiffness and side bite

Along with the extensive aerodynamic upgrades, Turismo also features the easiest mounting of any PROTOform body yet. Returning are our signature Mounting Marks inside the front wheel arches, allowing you to choose your body positions in 2mm increments up to +8mm. Adding to these are a 100mm wide grid with hashmarks on the trunk and 70mm wide markings on the hood to easily line-up your body posts. When used in combination, all three mounting grids will allow for perfect, repeatable mounting every time.

For more info:  https://www.racepf.com/touring-car-1…/turismo-clear-body.asp

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