Bittydesign præsenterer 1/10 TRUCK.

Bittydesign er hoppet på vognen, øv lastbilen. Nu laver de et vaskeægte lastbils body.

Yokomo har lavet et for flere år siden, men nu kommer der et helt nyt på banerne. Hold ad op, det set godt ud.

De skriver på hjemmesiden dette om bodien.

We are pleased to release the first pictures of our BRAND NEW 1/10 body shell for the Truck division, a growing market all round the globe; an amazing genuine Lexan body that is universal and fit all the 190mm touring chassis.

After many requests by the customers we decided 6 months ago to start design and develop an all new body shell that can bring to the class a new fresh air of INNOVATION and PURE QUALITY; the collaboration with an expert industrial designer gived us the possibility to create an aggressive looking body that combine at best the amazing futuristic aesthetic together with the performance. 

The extensive 3D Cad design allowed to create details that are treated manically in order to made a body shell that leave the customer speechless each time he use it, it took about 24 weeks to complete the project and test the first prototypes, we accept only the perfection without any compromise, QUALITY first of all.

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