Blæsermount til Asso B6.1

Varme og motor er ikke altid godt. Der er mange, der har behov for blæser på deres buggy bil. Nu er der godt nyt fra Schelle i form af en blæserholder til Asso B6.1(kan også bruges på ældre modeller), der sættes på batteriholderen. Pris ca. 12 Dollar.

De skriver på deres hjemmeside.

Run your 30mm cooling fan in a secure location that will clear the body and blow directly onto the motor can and winding.  The Schelle Extreme Battery Strap Fan Mount is another innovative solution to for your Team Associated B6.1 , T6.1 , and SC6.1 trucks and buggies.   It also adapts the the older B6 buggy lineup as well.

With the new gearbox design, racers scrambled for a cooling fan location that can blow on the motor to keep the temps in check and the performance consistent.  Utilizing the optional center pivot mount holes on the Schelle SCH1282 Extreme Carbon Battery Strap,  a 30mm fan can sit inside the cab of the body, clear the motor wiring, and blow directly onto the motor windings to cool the stator.

Fan Mount features:

  1. Mount screws included
  2. Secure mount at 45 degree angle to blow directly onto the motor windings with the bodyshell acting like a fan shroud
  3. 3-d printed in the USA out of durable black polymer
  4. Pre-tapped fan mount holes for easy install
  5. Fits B6.1, T6.1, SC6.1, and older B6 series.


  1. Install fan to 3-d mount from the back with M3x16 BH screws, clamping the fan against the mount.
  2. Use M3x8 FH screws to install the mount onto the battery strap using the FRONT 2 mount holes.  Running the fan back too far will have clearance issues with the bodyshell.
  3. Plug in 30mm fan and route wires to Rx.

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