Spændende nyt omkring EOS.

Folkene bag EOS har sendt følgende pressemeddelse ud til RCFOLKET. Især klasserne med 13.5 turns i 2 og 4 WD kan være spændende for nye folk. I 2016 var der et rekord stort antal danskere på start.

Læs om løbet her.

Hello EOS family,
after an awesome season 2017 – 2018 we have to look forward to the new season 2018 – 2019.
Here are the fixed dates for  new season :
Round 1 :   ADAC Blancpain Masters – SIM-RACING  Nurburgring – germany
Dater :  14. – 16. September 2018
That date youn should “engrave” in your calendar !
My wish since more than 4 years get now reality!
We will get the “Nurburgring-Arena” for the biggest european RC Car meeting ever!!
Since 3 month, Tonisport and we are working together with many motorsport-companies to make this weekend unforgetable and a milestone for the next years in motorsport. It´s a great opportunity for us to promote our Hobby as a sport!
We will built “side by side” two tracks, one EOS Offroad-track and one Touringcar-track. Each track has it´s own driverstand!
More we cannot tell you at the moment, becausse we are working very hard to create that event. But you should “save the date”, because we think, it will be a weekend, what´s going around the RC Car world!
date :  16. – 18. November 2018
Back to the biggest Motorshow in Poland!!  Niko and his team will invite all racers again for an awesome event as every year!
Round 3 :  SPORTHOTEL GRAFENWALD in Daun – Germany
date :  01. – 03. February 2019
After the success and fun we had this year, we decided without loosing one second, to go back to Daun for an EOS event! We booked again both weekends here at Daun, first weekend february EOS and second weekend february ETS, back to back!
All other dates are still open. We told you, that we will not do same “4-weeks-rythm” as this year. We will strech the events a bit more, because there are not so many european Offroad-events, what gives us the opportunity to make longer breaks between the EOS weekends.
We will keep you in touch, when we have more dates for the following rounds.
You see, the new season will start with a “hammer” and we all hope, you will be part of the season-opener at legendary Nurburgring!
As we told you, we will add for the upcoming season 2018-2019 two new classes:
2 WD 13.5 and 4 WD 13.5.
We want to give drivers a class in EOS, who dont want to control too much power. For sure, we are working on the rules for that category. The plan at the moment is : Handout-motor andyour speedo in blinky-mode. We will keep you updated.
We wish you a wonderful outdoor-season and we hope to see you for Round 1 at lovely Nurburgring middle of september!
Keep racing,
your Uwe

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