Kik nærmere på Serpent 4X.

Når man vil gå nye veje, at skal der arbejdes længe og mange forsøg skal til før det lykkedes. Læs her på Serpent´s 4X touringcar 1/10.

Bilen kommer med flere nye ting, som ikke er set før på en touringcar 1/10.

Der er eks. ingen topdæk på bilen, ingen standard støddæmpere.

Her er nogle detaljer.

–   Seperate roll and heave motion in the car to make set-up easier and more precise
–   Roll and heave dampers are small, they need only small amounts of oil
–   Dampers include machined pistons for best possible consistency
–   All dampers are through rod piston systems so no membrane needed
–   Good selection of heave and roll springs
–   Anti-roll bar function integrated in roll damper/springs
–   Easy and fast to change / replace the whole damper units
–   Front and rear end are almost identical, so less spare parts needed
–   Pivotball suspension for simplicity and free movement
–   The Pivotballs are a lot smaller in diameter than in previous touringcars
–   Easy diff and spool removal
–   Extremely low center of gravity
–   Reversed steering system for better Ackermann geometry
–   No top deck needed (topdeck is available as optional for tough racing situations)
–   Center stiffener made of 7075 T6 aluminium for rigidness and anti-tweak, connecting the front and rear end
–   One piece motorholder which also connects to the center stiffener and the rear RRS system
–   Re-Active rear steering RRS system is standard
–   Ballraced mid-shaft holders allow easy maintenance and changing of spurgears
–   Pullrod activated system with rockers to activate the dampers
–   Same heave damper front and rear which is mounted below the diff/spool just above the chassis for lowest possible center of gravity
–   New differential using new gears for even smoother functioning
–   Battery mounting system allows reposition the battery more front or rear1234581364b

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